A managed service model for the next era:
Helping you get more value from
contracts and suppliers

Every penny you spend in your businesses has a commercial impact. Whether in the compliant procurement process, getting the best deal, or in delivery, where contracts and suppliers need managing.

Augmentas rationalises every aspect of this, driving results, changing how you work, saving you money, reducing risk and protecting you through compliant procurement. 

Public & Private Sector

Why work with us

Delivering you value through our managed service

Executive Oversight

Executive accountability, oversight and assurance at no additional cost


Prequalified Associate List (PAL) – Proven expertise and knowledge when you need it

Technical Library

Document suites for all aspects of the commercial lifecycle and no protected IP

Bespoke Team

Additional capacity & capability to work in harmony with existing teams


Delivering true value in the form of
measurable results


Outcomes delivered on time and within budget, no ‘land and expand’

What's new at Augmentas Procurement


Jacksons Interview

Jackson is a Senior Commercial Consultant with a twenty-five-year career as a leader
of major business transformation initiatives across retail, IT, telecommunications and

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